Tim Burton’s World Comes To Life in MOMA Online Exhibit

If you weren’t able to catch the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, then its corresponding online exhibit is the perfect next best thing. Its web layout incorporates all of the interesting and informative aspects of museum format, and allows you to navigate its online “corridors” in a way that rings true to the sensation of the physical display.

In keeping with the Tim Burton aesthetic that the exhibit lauds, all of the graphics of the website are monochromatic, animated sketches. As you roll your mouse over some of the graphics, they move, directing your attention to relevant links and click throughs that make your experience more enjoyable.

Immediately upon entering the sight, you choose to click on either “Exhibition,” “Works,” or “About Tim Burton.” These three categories lead you to different aspects of Tim Burton, his career, his personal life, and his artistic endeavors. The information is organized in a timeline format that allows for click throughs to bigger versions of sketches, photographs and movies where they interest you.

The layout decisions hark back to the exhibit’s physical iteration, in that the visual is located on the right side of the screen somewhat prominently, accompanied by a museum like write up on the left that explains biographical context, interesting facts and relevant information about the specific piece.

Another helpful and interesting aspect of the website is the inclusion of video interviews with Tim Burton about relevant subjects such as the creative process and personal anecdotes. These films break up the monotony of images and drawings, and allow the viewer to see literally what Tim Burton looked and sounded like, which might be interesting in terms of understanding the bigger picture.

The website is very well-rounded, including not only creative and career related endeavors, but early recreational sketches, biographical information, family photos, less popular films and books, and some of his more famous characters and creations in various iterations.

Perhaps most importantly, the website perfectly captures the feeling that the majority of Burton’s work elicits. It is whimsical, a little twisted, and very creative, much like the man who inspired it.

Much like a physical museum, you choose your own way to maneuver through the online exhibit.
Many of his early and previously unseen works can be found in the online exhibit.
A timeline adds interesting organizational flow to the exhibit.


Photo Credit: All images courtesy of Museum of Modern Art Online interactive, http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2009/timburton/


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