Charting Research

Christoper George, a freelance writer, poet, and author, wrote  the article “Baltimore’s- Southern Poet -Musician,” which provides some basic information about Sidney Lanier’s life. George, who has already written several pieces about Baltimore history, uses Sidney Lanier as just another noted figure associated with the city. The author focuses mostly on the Civil War and how Lanier became connected with Johns Hopkins, but this light article shows scant scholarship and was written for a general audience.  George does offer some anecdotes and commentary, particularly when he discusses how Lanier’s Southern roots and experience as a prisoner of war at Point Lookout  heavily influenced his work. As this is a short article, George only presents an overview and accentuates the little, interesting facts.  These scattered pieces of information do  give you a different glimpse into the poet’s life that an analytical book, focused on making concrete arguments, would not be able to provide.


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