Searching For E.A. Poe

The hardest part of an internet search is knowing exactly what you’re looking for!
Take a look at the website. Does it seem like a valid source?
Is your google search relevant to your research goals?

When you think of Edgar Allen Poe, you think of the southern gothic- full of morbidity and mystery, dark descriptions and spine shivering mood. And reading through some of Poe’s essays on writing technique, you learn that he very intentionally crafted each one of his works to make you feel that way. To think of The Raven and conjure up thoughts of danger and the supernatural is no mistake- in fact, during the writing process, Poe established the tone of his story before he wrote his first words down on the page. This calculated establishment of a very recognizable stylistic “brand” seems very interesting, and during my final project, I will be focusing on Poe as a “brand,” and asking the question, to what end was he directly responsible for the establishment of the brand level reputation that his name currently possesses today, and when that predisposed notoriety came into being?

In order to analyze the evolution of Poe’s public image as a professional writer both during his life and after his death, it is important to have a thorough outline of the professional opportunities that Poe had during his life, as well as any life experiences that may have subconsciously enhanced Poe’s particular “brand” of writing. With the desire to find a thorough backlog of Poe’s social and professional opportunities and obstacles, I chose the internet as my initial vehicle of search and googled my inquiry: Edgar Allen Poe’s professional life.


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