Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

In 1845, Wiley and Putnam published a compilation of twelve of Edgar Allan Poe’s best-loved stories. Tales was so popular that Wiley and Putnam bound the 1845 issue of Tales with The Raven and Other Poems to create a single volume. Speculation exists that this combined edition was printed around February 1846.

Page from Poe’s Tales and the Raven and Other Poems

The picture above shows a page from the combined volume of Poe’s Tales and The Raven and Other Poems from the Special Collections at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University. An inscription on the first page of this copy indicates that it was given to Leonard Mackall, a bibliophile and scholar, in 1846. Furthermore, this inscription notes that this volume was a re-issue. Published during Poe’s lifetime, this edition represents a piece of unique history, as Poe would have been able to influence the publishing process. While Poe’s Tales lacks a preface and dedication, Poe dedicated The Raven and Other Poems to Miss Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, an English poet from whom Poe borrowed the meter and rhyme scheme for The Raven.

Mackall’s copy remains in decent condition. The endpapers are printed in a green design of stars and dots. The imprint on the title page lists the publisher’s information and the publication date of 1845 in large clear type. This edition utilizes a library binding covered in a faded green cloth with a vinyl texture, and an intricate geometric pattern occupies the cover. While this item remains intact, the spine is faded from sun damage, and foxing, evident in the picture above, exists on most pages.


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